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Harvey Scores!

Exciting Talk Game Debuts


Posted Friday, September 10, 1999

        The arrival of a new issue of Talk magazine is always an event around, sparking an impromptu game called "Where's Harvey?," in which we attempt to count the plugs for films from Harvey Weinstein's Miramax studio and its parent, the Walt Disney Company. We came up with a score of 4 this month -- including a plug for Miramax's upcoming Reindeer Games and a mini-profile of Mike Wallace keyed to the release of Disney's The Insider (a dramatization of the troubles of a "60-Minutes" tobacco whistleblower). Plus there's a lottery of some sort to "win a walk-on part in a Miramax film," which will somehow also fight breast cancer, and which is mentioned twice in the magazine, for two more points.

        But you can play this exciting game at home! We may have missed some little synergies here and there. There's that tiny box about Naomi Campbell's desire for a "Worldphone," for example. Isn't Campbell about to be in some movie? Hmmmm. Whose movie? And who owns Worldphone anyway? It's fun -- like "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon," only smarmier, requiring a greater knowledge of the complex and fast-changing entertainment/communications industry! If you do discover other mentions of Miramax or Disney product in Talk, or publicity for stars who just happen to appear in Miramax or Disney product, just email your finds to, along with your total score. The winner will be announced in this space.

        Note that while this month's initial overall score of four might seem low, given Disney and Miramax's substantial investment in Talk, the judges will take into account the utter gratuitousness of the photo spread on Charlize Theron and Ben Affleck, stars of Reindeer, and the fact that Theron's boudoir shot somehow made it onto the cover, making this the second of the two extant Talks to front a Miramax babe. Congratulations go out to Mr. Weinstein. That's a batting average of 1.000! ... Hey, at least Theron doesn't look like an irritated, trussed-up chicken, the way Gwyneth Paltrow did last month!...

        [ Legal notice: Employees of Talk Magazine LLC and their immediate families are eligible to participate in this contest. ... You know where the buzz is buried! ... P.S: Do you like working for a PR agency?]

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