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About Mickey Kaus

        Mickey Kaus is the author of The End of Equality (first published in 1992 by Basic Books). He has written about public policy for Newsweek, The New Republic, and The Washington Monthly, among other places.

        In July, 1986, The New Republic featured Kaus' article, "The Work Ethic State," which called for tying most government benefits to work, and for replacing cash welfare (AFDC and food stamps) with a WPA-like job. Kaus also wrote TNR's editorial urging President Clinton to sign the 1996 welfare reform law.

        The End of Equality discusses the larger issue of how to pursue the traditional American ideal of social equality when incomes are growing inexorably more unequal. The book was co-winner of the 1992 Washington Monthly Political Book Award.

        Kaus was born in Santa Monica, California, where he currently lives.

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