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Harvey Plans a Talkshow


Posted Monday, September 27, 1999

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        Andrew Stengel, spokesman for Miramax, denies that Miramax chairman Harvey Weinstein is thinking of doing a fictional television comedy about life at a magazine very much like Miramax's Talk, with a lead character being a female editor much like Talk editor Tina Brown. "It's not true," says Stengel. ... So why publish this denial? Because, Stengel nothwithstanding, has good reason to believe that Weinstein is indeed making plans for just such a project.

        On first glance, it's actually not such a bad idea, in a cliched, self-important and creepily incestuous way. Talk could provide a steady supply of realistic plot lines to the show's writers; the show would make the mag more visible and glamorous. Synergy City! Nor is it clear that Talk's journalistic purity would be compromised by this added Miramax link any more than it already is. ... But why not just put a camera in the magazine's offices and eliminate the middleman? Who needs an actor playing senior editor Sam Sifton puking under Tina's pressure, when you can see the real thing?

        Either way, a new Talk-based show would mean there would be two series on TV with a character based on publisher Ron Galotti, which seems like at least one too many. [What's the other series? -- Ed. HBO's "Sex and the City." Galotti is reputedly "Mr. Big." Also, Sifton says he didn't puke. Time reported that, but they apparently got it wrong -- Ed. Doesn't Sifton know he shouldn't deny it, even if it isn't true? When it's truth v. legend, go with the legend!]

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